The debate. Is over.

The debate is between me and myself.  It has been going on for years and years without resolution. 

Myself knows listening to music is therapeutic.  Myself also enjoys music.  In the right place, the right time and I guess the right music I certainly feel it’s soothing effects.   Myself would constantly think that I needed to organise music on my iphone to tap into from time to time.


Me, however, prefers to go hearing aid less.  That is to take off my hearing aids which means I don’t hear anything.  Definitely not music (maybe really loud heavy metal music??).   I wouldn’t say it means being silent.  Perhaps more natural?  Me would absent mindedly reach up to remove my hearing aids from my ears and set them aside without distracting from my train of thought or activity.

So with so much tooing and froing an experiment was necessary.  The iphone was set to what I assumed is known as good music.  With that playing it was time to settle and relax while focusing on what I was doing.  Repeat experiments took place.

It happened Every. Time.  Me would reach up and take my hearing aids off.   The. Debate. Is. Over.

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