Day Time TV

Parliament TV is trialling captions 2.30 to 3.30 this week.  Yesterday it didn’t work, today it took a while to start then boom!

When I told hearing people about this they look at me with a ‘duh’ expression, why, would anyone want to watch Parliament TV in the middle of the day??  This is what I learnt:

  • the language used ranges from very formal to very informal
  • when someone needs an answer to a question there are numerous loops to go through to maybe get a snippet of an answer
  • who speaks with passion and what it was that they were saying that made them so passionate, and who was less passionate (do they care??)
  • how involved the Speaker is
  • confirmation that they play games too

I didn’t get half a message, nor did I have to make any assumptions on the rest (rightly or wrongly).  The full message came through.

One important point of difference for me as a viewer lay in the way the text presented itself.  Usually on a television programme the captions appear in blocks, that is all the words appear at once.  With this Parliament TV trial, a different approach was used, the words came through one by one as soon as the stenographer typed them – like it is in the US.   The brain has to rejig to comprehend this then hey presto! It rolls.

So, thanks to Mojo Mathers and others for making this happen.

This is citizenship.

Captions on Parliament TV.jpg

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