New Zealand as a village of 100 people – the missing villagers

‘New Zealand as a village of 100 people’ is a fascinating poster produced by Statistics NZ.   It shows the breakdown of New Zealand’s society as if we are a village of 100 people using information about our population as gathered for the 2013 Census.   The quirky pictures certainly makes this an eye-catching must read poster.

I am one of the 51% female villagers, one of the 70 born in New Zealand, again one of the 70 of European descent. My point of difference is that I am amongst the 7 people who use another language – this includes using New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL). Fabulous to have NZSL recognised here as a language after all it is one of NZ’s official languages.

Something was missing. A feeling of discomfort came over me. That something was me and the other 24% of all New Zealanders who experience disability – important data collected in the very same census.

Yet we were not included in the village of 100 people.

In a village of 100 people 24 will experience disability.   A large minority group in NZ yet not acknowledged as members of the village.

Let’s recognise these 24 citizens in New Zealand’s village. This is what ENNOBLE intends to do.

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